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Finding a full-service shop that can handle all your transmission needs does not have to be an impossible task. The transmission in your diesel vehicle is a highly essential and complex system, so working with only the most experienced shop is in your best interest. Second Street Towing and Repair is an experienced shop for full transmission rebuilds, repairs, and installations. We are your single source for this technical service with all work is done in-house. You can find peace of mind, knowing that your transmission work is not being handled by multiple vendors.

Don’t Take Chances with Your High-Performance Transmission

Day-to-day vehicle operations require routine transmission maintenance. But trusting someone to handle the maintenance, building, or installation of your performance transmission requires a level of expertise that not all shops can handle. Whether you need a transmission that can help you tow heavy loads in high-stress conditions, or perform at competitions, you can’t risk working with shops that piecemeal their service.

Custom Built Transmissions That Meet Your Specs

Understanding how to translate the performance you require from your transmission into the literal nuts and bolts that produce results is what we do. You don’t need to know how to do it, you just need to tell us what you need from your transmission. Because we have extensive vehicle expertise, we can build your ideal transmission and make sure the rest of your vehicle’s systems are compatible.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The right shop understands that better performance in heavy-duty transmissions is a direct result of expert design, building (or rebuilding), and maintenance. If your commercial or performance vehicle could benefit from improved torque-to-weight ratios and more efficient overdrive options, you need to partner with a shop that provides these auto services.

Racing Transmissions Require a Winning Team

For success in racing, you require so much to go right at the right time. Timing, teamwork, and it all has to perform seamlessly to bring home a win. You can’t leave this kind of complex operation to inexperienced shops. There is too much on the line to take chances.

Customizing your Torque Converter — Billet Torque Converters

While your factory-installed torque converter may be adequate for most of the activities you’ll require of your diesel engine, if you are regularly expecting high performance or towing ease, you want to work with experts to install a billet torque converter. The specially designed housing for a billet torque converter allows the internal lockup clutch to remain flat at all times, which will decrease the likelihood of slippage and improve performance.

Customizing your Torque Converter — Triple Disc Torque Converter

Before assuming that your transmission is the cause of any slipping, you need to have your vehicle diagnosed by experts. The torque converter that came standard in your vehicle might not be capable of handling heavy-duty work, so replacing it with a more specialized triple disc converter could give you the horsepower you need, but with better heat dispersal and less damage to your automatic transmission.

Do you need the help of a professional racing transmission shop for your diesel performance transmissions in Des Moines, IA?

Whether your transmission is handling a day’s work or a win at the track, having the right transmission, the right torque converter, and proper installation of everything will get you winning results. Fine-tuning the parts of your engine and transmission to make your vehicle run the way you need it to is what we do at Second Street Towing and Repair. If we can help professional racing teams take the checkered flag, we have the expertise to service your diesel performance transmission.

Finding the right experts to provide transmission services for all performance and heavy-duty needs means you may need to expand your search and move beyond the shop next door. The miles between Des Moines and our shop in Atlantic will seem even shorter when you have confidence in the performance of your vehicle. With highly knowledgeable experts on staff, you’ll be glad you made the drive to Second Street Towing and Repair. Contact us today!

Diesel Performance Transmission FAQs

We are here to answer your questions and listen to what kind of performance you need from your diesel performance transmission. We take pride in the expertise we offer our customers. You can rest assured that your vehicle will leave our shop fundamentally sound and functionally perfect. Here are a few common questions that we are asked. Feel free to call us to find out more.

Can you rebuild my existing transmission?

If, after assessing your transmission’s current condition, a rebuild will get you back on the road — then the answer is yes. We have the expertise and professionals on hand to rebuild your transmission

Do you offer transmission repairs?

Again, depending on each vehicle we see, if a repair is warranted, we can take care of that for you. Our belief is that we shouldn’t do more than is needed, but we do what is right to service your transmission and make it perform in the best way possible.

What clutches do you offer?

From Raybestos Clutches and LUK Clutch Assemblies to Red Line Racing Clutches, we know how to determine the right clutch and torque converter that will optimize the performance of your diesel transmission.

Whether you are a seasoned driver looking for help in improving performance, or someone just learning how to improve your diesel performance, our experts are here to help. We have the experience to work on foreign and domestic models, and we are proud members of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilding Association (ATRA).