Auto Services in Atlantic, IA

No matter the make, model or year of your auto, know that you’re going to get nothing short of unparalleled service when you choose Second Street Towing and Repair as your repair service in Atlantic, Marne, Lorah, Lewis, or Wiota, IA. We offer a bevy of services to make sure you’re covered from bumper to bumper, no matter the situation or the issue at hand.

Auto Services

Towing Services

Located right off of Interstate 80, Second Street Towing and Repair is idyllically situated to serve you when you require roadside services. Whether you’re stranded on the shoulder of a freeway with a stalled vehicle or you’re sitting in your own driveway with an engine that won’t turn over, know that we’re only a phone call away.

Our trucks are also available 24/7 for your convenience, to ensure you’re getting to safety in your time of need.

Transmission Repairs

Your transmission can be a tricky system to troubleshoot and repair—it takes an experienced shop and tenured professionals to ensure it’s getting the attention it requires. Second Street Towing and Repair is well-versed in all forms of transmission rebuilds and installations, giving you access to a full gamut of experience regarding this complex and invaluable system.

General Auto Repair

Throughout the life of your vehicle it’ll need constant maintenance and occasional repairs to keep it running in peak condition. As a full service auto body shop, we specialize in a wide range of critical repairs—everything from brakes and fluids to alignments and more! We’re also the foremost tire center in Atlantic, IA, providing you with a wide selection of tires and tire-related services.

Muffler and Exhaust Services

From that ratty old muffler that’s louder than a racecar, to strange odors and emissions from your tailpipe, we can fix any exhaust issue you might be facing. Our experts are well versed in the length of your exhaust system and can service everything from your oxygen sensor to your catalytic converter and beyond, to keep your vehicle’s exhaust in prime condition.

For more information about any of the services we offer or to inquire about our capabilities, please contact us today at 712-243-2203 to schedule an appointment.