July 5, 2017

Went out of their way to help

"We broke down in Iowa on our way to Colorado from wisconsin on a family vacation. After bringing my truck to a chevy dealership and having 2 other people look at it, we brought it to Scott who dropped what he was doing on a Saturday to take a look at it and help us out. Not only did he find what was wrong with my truck, he went above and beyond to find us a great campground to stay at, made sure we knew where the grocery store was, called his friend who was also camping to make sure we had firewood and even found us a rental van first thing monday morning so we could continue our vacation while he fixed our truck. They even gave us rides. Scott and his wife went above and beyond I would have ever expected any stranger to do for us. I can't express how much we appreciate them and everything they did to make sure we had a great experience. Thank you for being an honest business owner!"
July 5, 2017

"My friend shared her story about how much you helped her out. So heartwarming and reassuring to know there are still good people out there. It sounds like you and your family really went out of your way to help her and hers! Thank you so much! It's not often you hear of stories like that!"
May 4, 2017

Great service

"2nd Street Repair has always taken great care of me, they are a great group of guys. "
May 4, 2017

Amazing Shop

"We were so blessed to break down in this great small town.We were traveling in our Class C motorhome and we incurred muffler issues. We were pointed towards Second Street Repair where Scott the owner took great care of our motorhome. We can't thank them enough for taking such great care of us. "
March 28, 2017

"Very good work. Very dependable, Honest and upfront. Scott will listen to your concerns and will do great work for a low cost without cutting corners."