June 11, 2019

Outstanding Shop!

"I was heading from CO to WI pulling a enclosed trailer. Completely smoked my passenger wheel bearing. Scott, his family, and his employees all figured out a way to not only tow my truck but also found someone to come and tow my trailer also. After getting my truck on the stinger of the tow truck he pulled the driveshaft and pieces of my Tranfer case came with it. Luckily for me Scott and his employees are extremely noligable and happen to specialize in such things. I was on a extremely tight time schedule and calling him as his shop was closing that day. He not only stayed late but came in early to get be back on the road by lunch the next day with a completely rebuilt transfer case with all the extra parts to prevent this mess happening again, and of course the new wheel bearing. I am someone that works on my own vehicles and I honestly could not have fixed it with all same parts any cheaper myself at home. Scott his family and his employees went far above and beyond any expectation that one could have. #1 trustworthy shop! You guys where all amazing! Thanks again. God bless you guys!"
June 3, 2019


"I run a hotshot trucking company and back in March my driver was heading from Wisconsin to Nebraska with a load, when the transmission went out. Second Street repair was suggested to us from the towing company. It was a god send. They had us up and running in a day. They rebuilt our transmission to handle whatever we throw at it. They went over everything with me to make sure I understood what the problems were and what they were going to do to fix it. Marshall Brothers Trucking thanks you!! When I add more trucks to my fleet I will be making an appointment to bring it out to have our transmissions built for us with second street repair!"
April 23, 2019

"I blew a tire on I-80 Easter afternoon and Scott was able to find me a tire to get myself back home to WI...he also gave me directions to get back to the interstate without having to back track! Excellent service! Thank you!"
March 4, 2019


"Scott aand jim did an amazing job helped us out of a very cold and daunting situation. A+ work. Quick and painless"
July 5, 2017

This place is amazing!

"Broke down on a Sunday on I80. Googled repair shop and he answered his phone. What other auto shop answers their phone on a Sunday. Wait there's more. We called our insurance company and they said they would send a tow. We waited an hour with a 2 year old on the side of the road before we called progressive insurance back. They said it would be another 2 hour wait. We called Scott back and he said he had a tow truck and he sent Jordan and was there in 15 min with water for me and my family. His wife took us to a motel for the night, and showed us the best places to get to without a vehicle. AMAZING PEOPLE!! They truly care and will go to any lengths to help. If I lived closer I would give him all of my business and then some."