September 1, 2022

"On Friday evening, August 19th, going home to Minnesota from a day in Omaha at about 5:00, we began having trouble with our vehicle overheating and losing all power. We pulled over on I-80 to let the car cool and limped to exit 60 near Atlantic, IA. I googled roadside assistance and 2nd Street Repair was at the top of the list, so I called. They were very kind and courteous, sending a tow truck out with about 20 minutes. Jared was very professional, assuring us that our car could be fixed and we would hopefully be able to hit the road later that evening.We get to the shop to find out the repair will take a bit more that we thought. Scott, owner of the shop, jumps on the phone to call area hotels to help us find a place to stay; unfortunately everything was full. So Scott put aside his plans with family and friends to get these stranded motorist back on the road. He did everything to get our car operational and had us back on the road by 8:40pm.I can’t express enough gratitude towards both Jared and Scott for everything they did by going so far above and beyond.If you ever find yourself in need of mechanical services between exits 60-70 on I-80 or near Atlantic, IA, make 2nd Street Repair your first and only call! Great service from genuine hard-working folks!! "
September 1, 2022

Medical Sales Rep

"Scott the owner is one of the most honest - trustworthy person I have ever met. He towed my vehicle off of I-80 from Avoca Iowa to a repair shop in Omaha. I had issues with my insurer dispatching me a tow truck - but he responded quickly and inspected my vehicle to inform me that it was just a CV joint or broken rod that caused my vehicle to breakdown not transmission issues - that saved me thousands of dollars - he is a honest trust worthy business person that I would recommend to everyone for his auto service and professionalism. Please recommend to all your friends an family 2nd Street Repair as a fantastic business to go to for all your vehicle needs. "
December 1, 2021

Peace of Mind

"I was traveling back to Minnesota from Thanksgiving in Nebraska. I was driving through the night and my alternator went out and my battery wasn't charging. I pulled over on the Marne exit and my truck died completely on a Saturday night at 10pm and very dark outside with nothing in sight (no gas station, etc). I tried my Geico Roadside and wasn't having any luck. Happened to google towing near me and 2nd Street Repair popped up and was only about 10-15 minutes away. I called and Scott picked up and talked me through where I was and what was wrong with my pickup. Then, Scott offered to give me a tow into town and change my alternator and charge my battery. Also, he called around to set me up with a hotel room for the night. Scott was very helpful and provided peace of mind in a scary, stressful situation. Also, Scott was able to get my pickup ready to go by 10am Sunday morning! He dropped me off at the hotel and picked me up as well. This was one of the best customer service experiences I have ever encountered. Scott is very knowledgeable and my pickup breaking down couldn't have worked out any better through Scott."
August 25, 2021


"Engine light came on (ignition coil problem) on I80E between Neola and Walnut. Scott was the only 1 of the few I called nearby, to give me useful advice and directions to get to his repair shop (which is huge by the way!) safely. He absolutely went out of his way to source spares, replace what was needed at a really affordable cost, and called up a motel in town for me to spend the night. He worked on the car and delivered it back to me at the motel late into the night just so I could be off by dawn. I cannot express how appreciative and grateful I am of his kindness, generosity of time and energy to helping me out. While many may take for granted the ease of getting help in an unknown area of the US, people like me (non-white and foreigner) are considerably more wary. Certainly wish there are, and that I do get to meet, more people like Scott. Man's a star: whoever can go to Atlantic to get their vehicles sorted, or just to support his local business, do it! Also he has an adorable black kitty called Smoke who seems to deftly handle the front office when needed! If that doesn't seal the deal for you, your loss."
July 23, 2021

"2nd Street Repair really came in clutch. We were on a cross country trip and broke down on I-80. Helped us out right away the next morning and got us on the road again by noon! Excellent service. Definitely recommend "