February 21, 2020

January 29, 2020

"If you need an oil change or a complete overhaul this is your stop. Scott and his staff have moved to a state of the art facility just down the road form their former shop so stop in say hi, but don't accidentally take home the shop cat."
January 16, 2020

January 10, 2020

December 20, 2019

"At the beginning of this week I was absolutely stressed to the max. I could not get my car to start and after getting it started and letting it sit over night it would not turn on Monday. Tuesday I called to get it repaired. As a stroke of luck Second Street Repair came and got my vehicle. He said he would be able to take a look at it THAT DAY. Being this close to Christmas I was estimating at least 3 weeks before getting my car back. My car shook, chugged up hills like I was running out of gas and was not a reliable vehicle to take out of town. Now, after 2 days of not having my vehicle and leaving it in the hands of someone I have never taken my vehicle to, I have a soundly running vehicle with new spark plugs, new coils, and a fresh oil change. It was such amazing service with such efficient timing. I am so grateful for how this week has turned out. No more shaking, chugging up hills, and it’s reliable enough to take it out of town! Thank you to Scott and the entire team at Second Street Repair!"